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Upcoming events

Upcoming events in autumn (registration and more info is coming later):

  • Retreat in the Jyväskylä area 27.-29.9.


  • Double Holotropic Breathwork -retreat at Ystävyyden Majatalo 17.-20.10.


  • Trauma and Holotropic Breathwork -retreat with Grof Transpersonal Training teacher and trauma therapist Sonja Busch at Hub Feenix 6.-8.12.

Holotropic Breathwork -workshop

15.-16.6. | Vuosaari, Helsinki

This two day workshop is held in Vuosaari, Helsinki. During the workshop there will be two breathwork sessions where each participant will breathe in one and be a sitter in other, and good focus on integration. 


Holotropic Breathwork -private sessions and events

We are arranging Holotropic Breathwork -private sessions and events. Private sessions can be done for you or for pair. If you hear the calling, find out for the possibilities!

          Past events

Image by Antonio Grosz

Holotropic Breathwork -weekend workshop

24.-26.9.2021 | Piikkiö, Finland

This workshop takes place in archipelago close to Turku. Event description is in finnish, if you want to know more about the workshop, just contact us!


Double Holotropic Breathwork -retreat

5.-8.3.2020 | Tietoisuuden Tila, Kemiönsaari, Finland

This four day holotropic retreat takes place in Tietoisuuden Tila, Kemiönsaari​. There will be four breathing sessions, in which every participant will breathe in two and be a sitter in two. This is great opportunity to explore this method in-depth, no previous experience of Holotropic Breathwork is needed. Accommodation and healthy vegan food are included, also possibility for sauna and swimming.

Image by Kris Atomic

Holotropic Breathwork -weekend workshop

24.-26.1.2020 | Turku, Finland

Theme of this workshop is presence. By cultivating our presence, we can become more conscious and have more acceptance towards ourselves and to our environment. On Friday and Sunday we will do simple exercises to deepen our skill of presence. On Saturday there will be two breathing sessions, in which each participants will be breathing and sitting in one session. Workshop takes place in Turku, Konsan Kartano.


Holotropic Breathwork and integration -workshop with

Jean Farrell

22.3.-24.3.2019 | Hämeenlinna, Finland

This intimate workshop takes place on the beautiful natural surroundings of Aulanko. Workshop is leaded by GTT senior staff member Jean Farrell with practical exercises about integration.

Wheat Field

Holotropic Breathwork with

Marc Aixala.

17.5.-19.5.2019 | Helsinki, Finland

Holotropic Breathwork arrives to Helsinki! Workshop is leaded by GTT staff member Marc Aixala. There will be also two free lectures with topics "Technologies of the sacred" and "Introduction to Holotropic Breathwork".

Morning Mist over Forest


Holotropic Breathwork -weekend workshop

18.-20.9.2020 | Turku, Finland

We believe deep inner work is important during these unusual times, so we are delighted to announce our first full long workshop for autumn! On Friday we will land softly to the place and to ourselves and start preparing us for the inner journeys. On Saturday there will be two breathing sessions, in which each participant will be breathing in one session and sitting for the breather-partner in one session. On Sunday we will have time and space for ourselves, and we will offer some techniques and tips for integration. The workshop takes place in Konsan Kartano, Turku.

Dancer in Blue

Embodied transformation: Holotropic Breathwork meets Trance Dance

20.-22.9.2019 | Turku, Finland

In this workshop the inner journey facilitated by Holotropic Breathwork is enhanced by dancing. On Friday we can surrender to our process with Trance Dance, saturday we dive deeper with Holotropic Breathwork and on sunday we help the integration of our experiences with more soft dancing.

Image by Tim Goedhart

Sinlge day Holotropic Breathwork -workshop

9.11.2019 | Turku, Finland

This single day Holotropic Breathwork -workshop is intented for people who have already experienced Holotropic Breathwork, since in this workshop there is no preparation lecture for the method. Workshop takes place in Konsan Kartano within walking distance and with bus connection from Turku center. There is space for 20 participants.

Autumn Leaves

Double Holotropic Breathwork -workshop with Marc Aixála

17.-20.10.2019 | Kemiönsaari, Finland

This residential workshop is ideal for deep inner work. It is held in Tietoisuuden Tila -retreat center in Kemiö-island, surrounded by beautiful nature of archipelago. Both Friday and Saturday there will be two breathing sessions, so there is plenty of time and space to dive deep. Accommodation and tasty vegetarian food is included in the workshop, so you can surrender to your inner process with your whole being and devote this long weekend for your well-being.

Holotropic Breathwork and the Spirit of Cacao -retreat

20.-22.11.2020 | Piikkiö, Finland


Holotropic Breathwork -retreat

31.3.-2.4.2023 | Piikkiö, Finland

Welcome to connect with your inner wisdom in this full board retreat with sauna and swimming possibilities. There will be two breathing sessions, where everyone will be breathing and sitting in one, and proper time for preparation and integration. Retreat takes place in archipelago, in Pyölinrannan leirikeskus, Piikkiö.


Holotropic Breathwork -weekend retreat

1.-3.4.2022 | Piikkiö, Finland

This residential weekend-retreat takes place in archipelago close to Turku. Event description is in finnish, if you want to know more about the retreat, just contact us!

Forest Path

Double Holotropic Breathwork -retreat

9.-11.6.2023 | Espoo, Finland

Welcome to explore you inner depths in this double Holotropic Breathwork -retreat in Espoo. During the retreat there are 4 breathing sessions in which every participant is breathing in two and being a sitter in two. This can allow deep inner processes and connection with inner healing wisdom. During the retreat there is also proper focus on the integration.

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