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Holotropic Breathwork Finland ry

Holotropic Breathwork Finland ry was founded 2018 in Turku, Finland. It’s purpose is to promote and develop activity, information, knowledge and scientific research related to Holotropic Breathwork in Finland.

To achieve its goals Holotropic Breathwork Finland: arranges workshops and lectures; supports training of the new facilitators; shares information about HB and related topics; can receive grants, donations and wills.

Through cultivating wisdom, beauty, and compassion we can positively impact the world and discover inner peace and meaning for life.

In a rapidly changing world in the middle of crises, new innovations and ancient wisdom, we recognize both the darkness and the hope. We believe in the power of positive transformation, starting within each individual. Holotropic Breathwork, a safe and profound method, has personally shown us the path to healing and growth.


We aim to make this transformative practice accessible to all in Finland, fostering a community of support and connection. Through workshops, meetings, and education, we will spread awareness and facilitate personal and collective evolution. Our long-term vision includes expanding the movement, supporting local facilitators, and conducting research to establish Holotropic Breathwork as a recognized treatment method

Meet the team

Meet the Team

We are all different, but our unwavering trust in the inner healing wisdom and process unites us. We also share the passion to hold and create supported spaces for the full spectrum of human experiences!

Become a member
Become a Member

By becoming a member of Holotropic Breathwork Finland ry, you can support the association and its goals and get special benefits. You can join to the association as support- or active member.


Support Membership


This Membership doesn’t bind or oblige you to anything and it ends automatically in the end of the year.


Membership benefits:

  • Discount from workshops

  • Discount from purchases

  • Possibility to apply for financial support for GTT modules and travel costs

  • Possibility to loan Holotropic books from our workshop


All members have the right to attend the associations fall and spring meetings but support members doesn’t have right to vote. All who buy the support membership and are willing to support the association, will be accepted as support members.


You can buy the membership in our E-shop. Membership prices: (20€ Student, unemployed, senior citizen), 30€, 50€, 100€, 300€, 500€. Memberships with different prices doesn’t differ from each other by the content but offers a way to support the association with different amounts. All the profits will be used to support associations goals ​and activity.


Active Membership

Active members have the same membership benefits than support members but in addition they have the right to vote in the associations meetings. There is also closed chatroom for active members.


Support members, who are willing to involve actively in the association pursuing the association's goals and are committed to complying with the rules of the association, can apply for active membership. Active members will be chosen by the associations board-members. It is more likely to get chosen as a active member if you have been in our workshops and are familiar to the members of association.


You can apply for active membership by filling the Active member application. You also need to purchase the support membership from the E-shop. If you are approved to active member, your support membership will be changed to active membership.  


Active member application below.

Active member application (for support members)
I accept the rules and purpose of the association

Thanks for filling the application for Active membership

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