Private Holotropic Breathwork -sessions

We have started to hold private Holotropic Breathwork -sessions.


Private sessions are carried out in a same way as workshops (preparation - session - integration), but usually in a shorter time-span. In private session you will also need, in addition to facilitator, a sitter for your session, which can be done in two ways. You can find yourself a sitter, or ask a sitter through us, in which case you will need to pay for the sitter (about 50€). Or you can find a breather partner for yourself, in which case we will do two breathing sessions during the day, where both will be breathing and sitting in turn, as we do in our workshops. This is a bit more recommendable, since you will also get sitter-experience, which is many times important part of the holotropic process. Also your breathing partner will pay for her part of the session, so you don’t need to pay anything for the sitter. We can try to find a breathing partner for you if you would need one.


If you haven’t been before in our workshops or in private session, you will need to fill out medical form, which helps us to survey possible risks and other important factors considering the session. We will also have interview with you via phone/video chat. Before the session we will also need to cover preparation lecture for Holotropic Breathwork session with you, which we can send in a  english-spoken video or go through during the interview (we will try to cover the preparation lecture before the actual breathing day).


For one session we will need to reserve at least 5-6 hours. This enables us to hold the session without a feeling of rush and also to prepare and integrate the session properly. If we will have two sessions during a day, it will take practically the whole day. Sessions can be held without rent fee in Kaarina, in a outside building at Valde´s place. The space is a bit small and closest toilet is at the main house, but otherwise the room is good for breathwork. If you have any space you can use for breathwork, we can see if we could travel to you. Probably renting a place for the session would make the price go too high.


If you wish, we can also do the private session in a more extensive way, for example to add some hours for integration for the next day (with a additional fee).


So if you have the calling to explore your inner world in a safe and supportive setting, contact us :)


Initial prices for the private sessions

Normal price: 160€

Reduced price (students, senior citizens, unemployed): 120€

For members of Holotropic Breathwork Finland ry there is 10€ discount


If you have strong calling for breathwork but the prices are too high, contact us so we can see if there would be other options.

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