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Holotropic Breathwork -workshop:
Death as a mirror of life

Price of the workshop (including the deposit fee 50€):

Full price: 290€ / Earlybird 260€ until 11.11.

Student / unemployed / senior citizen price:

260€ / Earlybird 230€ until 11.11.

(10€ discount from all ticket groups for HB Finland ry members)

(Prices includes 10% VAT)

25.-27.11. Turku

Suikkilan Kartano, Satakunnantie 144, 21280 Turku

Welcome to connect with your inner healing wisdom in the darkest time of the year. Theme of this workshop is Death as a mirror of life. We want to create a safe space where we can explore together the themes of psychological and physical death in an open and honest way. We will explore from holotropic perspective what is the role of ego-death in personal development, how encountering our own or our close ones' mortality can support our life path in a positive way and what can nature´s cycle in autumn teach us about inner processes. There is space for every kind of emotions and thoughts relating to death in the workshop. Also in breathwork there is space for every kind of experience of life and death, and sometimes during session we can experience for example experience of psychospiritual death and rebirth, or encounter the mortality or death of ourselves or close ones.  


Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful method of self-exploration, which helps us to connect more deeply with our inner healing wisdom through breath, music, somatic and emotional processing in a safe and supportive space. During the workshop everyone has the opportunity to surrender to the inner process with their own pace and style, and there is plenty of time for preparation and integration. On Friday we will land softly to the venue, meet the group and do practices related to the theme of the workshop. On Saturday there will be two breathing sessions, in which each participant will be breathing in one session and sitting for the breather-partner in one session. On Sunday we will have time and space for ourselves, and we will offer some techniques and tips for integration.


Workshop takes place in the historical Suikkila mansion in Turku (Satakunnantie 144), 4km from Turku city center with easy bus connection. Accommodation is not included in the price, but there is a possibility to sleep on the floor of the breathing room (15€/night). You can also sleep anywhere else, if you can join the workshop within its schedule. Lunch and dinner are served on Saturday, there will also be snacks and tea/coffee during the workshop. Breakfast is not included but you can buy it separately (5€).


No previous experience of Holotropic Breathwork is required. There is space for 10 participants. We will use english and/or finnish languages, depending on the language of the participants. Translation is provided if needed.


Preliminary schedule



16:00-17:30 Introduction lecture to Holotropic Breathwork (mandatory for first time breathers)

17:30-18:00 Registration

18:00-21:00 Opening of the workshop, practices relating to the theme and preparation for HB-sessions



9:00-22:00 2 x Breathing sessions, starting the integration



9:00-15:00 Deepening the integration


How to reserve your place in the Workshop:


1. Fill the Registration form and Medical form from the link below


The purpose of the Medical form is to survey your relevant background information and possible contraindications for the workshop. This helps us to ensure that you can participate safely in the workshop and that we can support your process safely during and after the workshop. If you answer “yes” to some question, it doesn't automatically mean you cannot participate. If some question is unclear to you, ask us for clarification.


2. Pay the Deposit fee (50€) or the whole payment of the workshop

(Payment details below)


Your place will be confirmed after you have filled the registration and medical forms and paid the deposit fee or the whole payment of the workshop. If you pay just the deposit fee, you need to pay the rest of the payment latest in registration, where you can pay with cash or mobilepay. If you choose to sleep in the venue, you can pay for it with cash during registration (15€/night). If the workshop is gets full, there will be a waiting list.


We will interview all the participants, who have not been before in our workshops. It is also a good opportunity to ask questions or express any thoughts regarding the workshop.


Payment information:


Price of the workshop (including the deposit fee 50€):

Full price: 290€ / Earlybird 260€ until 11.11.

Student / unemployed / senior citizen price:

260€ / Earlybird 230€ until 11.11.

(10€ discount from all ticket groups for HB Finland ry members)

(Prices includes 10% VAT)


Bank information

Account owner: Holotropic Breathwork Finland ry

Address of the company: Parkinkatu 7 as 1, 20500 Turku, Finland

IBAN: FI20 7997 7990 1619 57


Amount(€): Workshop price / deposit fee (50€)

Message: Workshop 11/22 + Your full name 


If you have problems with the payments or you would like to participate but your financial situation doesn’t allow it, just contact us so we can try to find a good solution.


Deposit- / cancellation fee 50€

If you need for some reason to cancel your participation in the workshop, we will refund your payment fully if the cancellation is done before 16.11. If the cancellation is done after that, we will need to keep the reservation fee.


Because in the breathing-sessions there can be sometimes strong emotional and physical experiences, for safety reasons it is not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart-problems and very high blood pressure, with strong psychiatric illnesses, with ongoing spiritual emergency, with recent fractures or surgical operations, with acute infections or epileptics. If you are not sure if this workshop is safe for you, just contact us so we can discuss your situation.



Facilitators of the workshop




Valde Orrenmaa

Valde lives in Kaarina, in a commune with his friends and cats. He started the Holotropic Breathwork training in 2016 and got certified in 2019. He has a masters degree in comparative religion and has been academically and practically interested in non-ordinary states of consciousness, meditation, psychedelics, buddhism and other mystically oriented branches of religions. He is also a writer, Aguahara-practitioner and has just started Cognitive short-therapy training. One of his passions is to integrate yogic-lifestyle into the modern society. He loves meditation, biking in the forest, playing piano and genuine connection with other beings.



Anna Luik 

Anna lives in Tallinn, Estonia but works in Finland as a general practitioner for Terveystalo. She started Holotropic Breathwork training in 2016 and got certified in 2018. Holotropic Breathwork, non-ordinary states of consciousness, plant medicines and psychedelics interest her more and more. For her it is very important to understand how to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Nature and animals also play an important role in her life.

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