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Holotropic Breathwork -workshop and two free lectures with Marc Aixalá. 

Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä, Helsinki, Finland,  17.-19.5.

Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä 

Heikkiläntie 10, 00210 Helsinki

Price of the workshop (including the deposit fee 50€):

Full price:

220€ / Earlybird 200€ until 21.4.

Member / student / unemployed / senior citizen price:

200€ / Earlybird 180€ until 21.4.

This Holotropic Breathwork -workshop is held in Helsinki, Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä. On Friday at 16:00 there is free and open lecture for everyone about tools for non-ordinary states of consciousness, with topic "Technologies of the sacred". On Friday at 18:00 there is lecture about Holotropic Breathwork, which is mandatory for people who attend to the workshop and are first time breathing with us. The second lecture is also free and open for people who are not attending to the workshop. On Saturday there will be two breathing sessions, in which each participants will be breathing and sitting in one session. On Sunday we focus on integration, having also sound relaxation by Myötävärähtely. This workshop is good for first timers and also to more experienced breathers. Space allows 40-50 participants. 


This is non-residential workshop where lunch is not included. For this reason you need to find your own accommodation and lunch during the workshop, there is plenty of restaurants and shop just around the corner. There will be snacks and tea/coffee during the workshop.

Workshop is leaded by GTT staff member Marc Aixalá. He is a psychologist living in Spain, and he has deep practical and theoretical knowledge about holotropic and psychedelic states of consciousness. And he is a great character with big heart :)

Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä (Heikkiläntie 10, 00210 Helsinki) is located in Lauttasaari, with easy metro-connection.

If you have any questions about this workshop, just contact us!

Preliminary schedule



Lectures with Marc Aixalá

16:00-17:30 "Tehcnologies of the sacred" (open and free for everyone)

18:00-20:00 "Introduction to Holotropic Breathwork" (open and free for everyone, mandatory for people who attend to the workshop and are breathing first time with us)

20:00: registration for the Holotropic Breathwork -workshop


8:30 Registration for the workshop (if you have been breathing with us, you can come for this registration)

9:00-22:00 Opening of the workshop, 2 x breathing session and talking circle



9:00-14:30 Sound relaxation, integration, closing the workshop


How to reserve your place in the Workshop:

1. Fill the Registration form and Medical form from the link below


2. Pay the Deposit fee or the whole payment of the workshop

(Payment details below)


Your place will be confirmed after you have filled the registration and medical forms and paid the deposit fee or the whole payment of the workshop. If the workshop gets full, there will be a waiting list.


The purpose of Medical form is to survey your relevant background information and possible contraindications for the workshop. This helps us to ensure that you can participate safely to the workshop and that we can support your process safely during and after the workshop. If you answer “yes” to some question, it doesn't automatically mean, that you cannot participate. In such a case we are going to get in touch with you so we can try to find together a safe way for you to participate. If some question is unclear to you, ask us for clarification.


We will also interview all the participants, who have not been before in our workshops. It is also an good opportunity to ask questions or express if you have any worries or wishes regarding the workshop.



Payment information:


Workshop prices:

Full price:

220€ // Earlybird 200€ until 21.4.


Member / student / unemployed / senior citizen price:

200€ // Earlybird 180€ until 21.4.

To receive your place in the workshop, you need to pay the deposit fee (50€) or the whole workshop price.

Bank information

Account owner: Holotropic Breathwork Finland ry

Address of the company: Parkinkatu 7 as 1, 20500 Turku, Finland

IBAN: FI20 7997 7990 1619 57


Amount(€): Workshop price (220€/200€/180€) / deposit fee (50€)

Message: Workshop 5/19 + Your full name


It is also possible to pay the workshop in cash but in this case we wish that you could pay reservation fee to our account and the rest of the payment when arriving to the workshop.


If you have some problems with the payments or you would like to participate but your financial situation doesn’t allow it, just contact us so we can try to find good solution.


Deposit- / cancellation fee 50€

If you need for some reason to cancel your participation to the workshop, we will refund your payment fully if the cancellation is done before 3.5. If the cancellation is done after that, we will need to keep the reservation fee.


Because in the breathing-sessions there can be sometimes strong emotional and physical experiences, for safety reasons it is not generally recommended for pregnant women, people with heart-problems and very high blood pressure, with strong psychiatric illnesses, with recent fractures or surgical operations, with acute infections or epileptics. If you are not sure if this workshop is safe for you, just contact us so we can discuss about your situation.

About Marc Aixalá

Academic Training

  • Graduate in Psychology (Universitat de Barcelona). Collegiate number 21284.

  • Health Psychology Qualification by the Catalan Health Department.

  • Postgraduate in Integrative Psychotherapy (Fundació Universitat de Girona, Estudis de la Sexualitat i la Parella).

  • Posgraduate in Strategic Brief Therapy (Fundació UdG, IESP).

  • Telecommunication Engineer (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya).

  • Trained in Transpersonal Psychology and Holotropic Breathwork  by Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT, 2006-2012).

  • Trained in Psychological First Aid (Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health).

  • In training at the SAT program, by Claudio Naranjo.

  • Trained in the therapeutic use of non ordinary states of consciousness and the use of music to accompany such experiences by the Ethnopsychology Society (SdEA 2005 – 2006).

  • Course in humanism, mystical traditions and compared religions at PUCP (Catholic University of Perú, Lima).

Professional Experience

  • Member of the training staff of Grof Transpersonal Training.

  • Coordinator of the Support Service of the ICEERS Foundation.

  • Coordinator of emergency psychological attention teams in large events (Kosmicare – Portugal 2010, 2012, 2014).

  • Tutor of adolescents in educative environments.

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