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Our events are on break due to corona-situation. Hopefully we can have workshops in the beginning of autumn, subscribe our newsletter to stay tuned!


We have started to give private Holotropic Breathwork -sessions, you can find more information here. Keep on breathing ;)

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We have started to collect and publish experiences about Holotropic Breathwork. We are drawing one voucher from everyone who has sent their experience and/or mandala until the end of August 2021.

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About Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful method for self-exploration and therapy. It uses enhanced breathing and evocative music to create holotropic states of consciousness, which can be very healing, transformative and informative. Holotropic Breathwork is a self-empowering technique, where you can learn to let go and connect to your Inner healing wisdom. The contents of the sessions are highly individual and usually very meaningful to the breather. The general strategy in the session is to follow whatever is happening spontaneously and expressing it in a way it wants to be expressed. If needed, facilitators can do simple energy releasing bodywork to help the session to move on. To keep it safe and beneficial, the structure of a holotropic workshop is always threefold, each part being equally important: preparation, session and integration. Holotropic Breathwork has been created by Stan and Christina Grof as an alternative for therapy with psychedelics in 1970’s.

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